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Studying in uk eng/pl

Studying at an arts university was truly a fascinating experience. I got to see classes from glass blowing, metal work, animation. I have not only gained enough knowledge to be confident working in my chosen field but also I had the opportunity to take a closer look at different art disciplines and how they work, what needs to be done to produce a film, an animation or knit a beautiful carpet!

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Things I wish I knew before writing my dissertation

Writing my dissertation was a long process that occupied most of my time and honestly looking back at it now I can admit that I was stressing way too much about it! I’m not saying that you shouldn’t stress at all but try avoiding even dreaming about it. Yes I had nightmares in which I was writing my dissertation. Here are some tips for you all who are about to start the final year at uni and get all dissertation crazy.

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Settling into university

Moving away from home can be tough – trust me, it sometimes gets tough trying to grow up in a span of 24 hours while getting used to being a student. Settling into university may not be one of the easiest things on earth but with some help and a tiny bit of help from fellow students, family and lecturers it’s actually not too bad. Let me give you a few tips that can help you throughout the process of the ultimate change of environment!