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Staying productive

I disappeared again for a while. Life got pretty hectic with everything going on at the same time. I guess I yet again got stuck in a loop of trying too hard to make everything perfect instead of just enjoying everything that was going on at the time. I’ve spent time questioning my choices when it comes to work and university and trying to end up with a perfect outcome on every single level of my life and so on.

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Thoughts of a sick student being

I hate being sick. Being sick makes me very very very unproductive and there is nothing I can actually do about it. But there is another thing – my brain seems to work a bit better with a high temperature and although I can’t do anything productive like research, writing down important stuff, organising my day or going to work (which is a huge pain in my little ill ass since I’m a workaholic) I tend to be pretty good at the creative side of stuff.