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My degree is trying to kill me

I have been incredibly busy for the past couple of weeks and trust me when I say that being a journalism and creative writing student is sometimes the biggest pain in my ass. What is my problem you may ask – well here you go, honey, – I’m a perfectionist so hearing that I have to complete my dissertation within next four months and also there is the final major project to be submitted by the beginning of May and other smaller deadlines along the way – well this is stressing me out.

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Thoughts of a sick student being

I hate being sick. Being sick makes me very very very unproductive and there is nothing I can actually do about it. But there is another thing – my brain seems to work a bit better with a high temperature and although I can’t do anything productive like research, writing down important stuff, organising my day or going to work (which is a huge pain in my little ill ass since I’m a workaholic) I tend to be pretty good at the creative side of stuff.

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Settling into university

Moving away from home can be tough – trust me, it sometimes gets tough trying to grow up in a span of 24 hours while getting used to being a student. Settling into university may not be one of the easiest things on earth but with some help and a tiny bit of help from fellow students, family and lecturers it’s actually not too bad. Let me give you a few tips that can help you throughout the process of the ultimate change of environment!