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“The Model” analysis of the movie poster

We live in an age when popular culture surrounds us, it is right beside on every step we take. Being a big part of our everyday life we rarely do try to get to know it. We don’t realise how metaphoric, beautiful and descriptive it can be. In this post I will analyse ways in which the photograph on the poster of lately released movie “The Model” suggest a narrative and I will discuss the produced meaning.

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Big Brother is watching you!

 John Fiske said in “Reading the Popular” the popular text produces meanings that can become relevant in everyday life. The example of this can be seen taking under consideration cover of the book written by George Orwell – “1984”. The range of colors is very limited – the artist used only red, black, dull yellow and dark orange. The choice isn’t random as colors refer to the narrative and produce very strong meaning.