How to easily hurt yourself?

A small handbook for masochists.

Step on a lego or

smash your foot against the nearest wall.

Lay down in the cold and don’t move.

Smoke three cigarettes in a row

not blinking.

Stare at the sun without sunglasses

for five minutes or more.

Remind yourself of all the things

that have gone wrong

although you did try

your best.

Burn your skin under a steaming shower.

Listen to the same songs that make you cry,

wear the most uncomfortable jeans

you can find in your closet.

Look at the night sky

laying on the ground

holding someone else’s hand

and whisper

‘I love you’

knowing that he is a brick wall

you have just added another stone.

Live in the silence for a bit

creating your own illusion

with clenched teeth tell everyone

that you are doing just fine.

Keep making two coffees in the morning

keep making new ways

to make things work

playing the same melody

on repeat

to keep you from falling

to never let your feet

stop touching the ground again.

Get your heart ripped off of your chest

go out and play

without a plaster

hiding the bareness.

If all of that doesn’t work

try doing it again

this time – all at the same time.