Devil Wears Prada

I was supposed to finally finish writing the article about a very inspiring figure who, I’d say, shifted the view on the body image in fashion BUT ladies, gentlemen and non-binary people – I ended up watching the greatest movie of all the time – Devil Wears Prada – so first you’re going to get first one from the series WHY IT’S SHIT. Brace yourself and enjoy!

If you haven’t yet seen Devil Wears Prada (what’s wrong with you?), please watch it now. It is truly one of the most beautiful movies where fashion is the main focus that I have ever seen and it is still one of my favourites. The main character – Andy – gets my dream job basically (maybe that’s why I’m so crazy about this film), she starts working at a fashion magazine called Runway as a personal assistant for the editor in chief (who is suspiciously similar to Anna Wintour). And slowly but surely this little awkward spud who has no taste whatsoever (I’m sorry but it’s true she has no idea what to wear and therefore looks like she was dressing in the dark) starts to grow into loving fashion and being fascinated by it. So far there’s nothing wrong with the film at all BUT let me tell you about Andy’s boyfriend. I don’t remember his name neither do I care about his character at all since when his girlfriend started working in a prestigious fashion magazine – alright, this wasn’t her dream job (and I’m just here willing to give away my soul to Satan for being Anna Wintour’s personal assistant) but this job could help her a lot in the future since she wanted to pursue journalism – this prick who claims to love her is not supportive at all! Not even in the slightest! Every single time when he pops up on the screen he acts like a mad five-year-old. He got annoyed because she got called in to work on his birthday, well shit happens, she’s a journalist, not a cashier or a customer assistant so get over it.

To all of the beautiful gals out there – please do not ever let the man tell you what to do ever. If you want to spend most of our life at a job – fucking do it, if you want to lose/gain weight – go for it, if you want to quit your job – go nuts, if you want to get a face tattoo – think about but if you really want it – the world’s your oyster.

This movie would be so much better without Andy’s pretentious cunt of a boyfriend. And I know – there are a lot of swear words in this blog post but let me tell you- I couldn’t care less. It just annoys me seeing an amazing girl not being able to make her own decisions because of a guy.