And I’ll always


for you

felt like summer

late night blues

oh, warm melody

on repeat in your arms

our Sunday mornings


fiddling with my veins

You – my bloodstream

Furiously happy not knowing

when to dance

with my false confidence tucked

between my collar and the red mark

wine kissed neck

the song

of your voice

drifting in and away meno mosso

after diving poco a poco

to replay the Sunady

morning beat

the swelling of sound of

You’ve changed

and I moved out

shutting the blinds at night

to the downbeat

of not lasting harmony

looking for a motif

left behind in the ink

Melody fading

Falling for you

felt like picking up

myself from the ssolo tone

to start again

amplifying the being

of my smile

extinct pitch.

Falling for you

felt like a break

in a lonely symphony

playing on repeat

and oh darling

I kept falling

and I keep falling

in silence of

fingertips dripping down

my spine.


felt like

my my my lungs

crumbling in the gasping

when you look my way

losing my


it feels like

simple division cut short

I cannot hide in hills

of not caring covering

myself with another duet

curved ties


Falling for you

feels like a broken unison

a step


in the snow

a step

or walking miles

when you call me

asking to hear

the sound of my voice

then quick I am

put on pause

for your angel

hang up

slipping chords through my fingers

of Sunday morning melody

left outside my room

pulling my skin

to the loveless rythm

hopelessly repeating

the melody

wanted to surrender to.

Oh I still

just want to

be yours.