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Planning your time when working full-time

Some students don’t have to work, they get a loan which helps them afford living on their own whilst at uni. Other ones who also got used to eating and sleeping in a cosy bed, have to find a job. Finding a job that you would actually like is pretty hard but not as hard as finding a job where you don’t have to work full-time so that you can afford food, rent and other extra expenses.

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Why only “white” is perceived as “beautiful” – portrayal of race in media.

Considering the portrayal of beauty in the contemporary media we can easily spot one major problem. If someone is beautiful, the person, according to media, must be white. In this blogpost, I will critically discuss the images of black women in media considering adverts, which are nowadays a huge part of our everyday life and media content as well. 

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Big Brother is watching you!

 John Fiske said in “Reading the Popular” the popular text produces meanings that can become relevant in everyday life. The example of this can be seen taking under consideration cover of the book written by George Orwell – “1984”. The range of colors is very limited – the artist used only red, black, dull yellow and dark orange. The choice isn’t random as colors refer to the narrative and produce very strong meaning.