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Self-care while self-distancing

Here we are – 2020 has not treated us that well since the beginning and there is not much we can do about it apart from listening to all the guidelines, do’s and do not’s. I work with people and as much as I complain about the society and how people work and do stuff I do miss the times where I could have pointless little conversations with whoever would come in for a pint or two to the bar where I work.

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Airport glow down

I haven’t been keeping up to date with posting lately but let me explain! You may notice slight changes when it comes to the content I’m going to ‘produce’/’post’. The main (and pretty much only) reason behind this change is my ‘great’ idea to explore the world of fashion bloggers from behind the scenes and what could be possibly better than becoming one of the subjects of my research? Probably many things but please bear with me on this journey of exploring fashion world by a broke student.