Moving on from a toxic relationship

Image: Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

Sometimes we simply fall for the wrong people. Sometimes we simply don’t realize who is bad for us. Sometimes we forget to pause, okay he’s cute/ okay, they’re fun – BUT are they good for my mental health?

I have been asking myself this question before as well as during a new friendship/relationship after having gone through some seriously odd and toxic relationships (friendships as well as love interests). It helps, unfortunately it does not always work. One may think that working as a model will attract a lot of toxic people into one’s life – oh honey no! I thought so as well but then I went to University and let me tell you – falling for people in five seconds got me in some real troubles.

We simply run through life not realizing that we sometimes end up surrounded by people who are not good for us. We shall talk about how to snap out of the charm spell and notice when someone is not that good for us but first let me tell you how to move on without moving away.

  1. Delete them on all of your social media – you don’t need to know what they’re up to. I tend to also block the person so that they don’t pop up anywhere and I don’t feel tempted to just have a wee look!
  2. Have a small social media detox – focus on yourself, have a you day or a week (now we can do whatever we want to with that amount of spare time) and just don’t think about them, in fact – don’t think about anything at all for a while.
  3. Write down a list of advantages and disadvantages of having that person in your life – and whack it out every time you are tempted to check up on them, I assure you – the disadvantages will take up most of the space on your list.
  4. Delete any trace of them on your social media/messages left. This way you won’t be able to go back to them and think about what would happen if…
  5. Write a love letter to yourself – show yourself that you are a great human being and being in your life needs to be earned!

Never settle for anything less than you deserve and remember that all of us deserve the absolute best at all times. Also, as Florence Given would put it, stop raising him – he’s not your son.