Things I wish I new before my third year at uni

Third year so far has been rather exhausting – trying to combine working almost full time with social life, university work and getting enough sleep proved to be simply impossible from time to time. I had so many things going on lately that I didn’t have time even to have a proper lunch but since now I don’t have much of the student life left -let me tell you a few things that I wish someone told me before I started my final year at uni!

  1. Don’t focus only on your grades – whilst writing my dissertation I have not left my room or the library to hang out with my friends or simply have some quality time for myself with myself for around four months. Yes, okay, I got a first but also I was completely drained of any energy. I was either working at the restaurant or on my dissertation and it took a tool on my general well-being. Don’t sacrifice yourself for a grade – it’s not worth it.
  2. This is last year for you to have fun and not being a proper adult yet – no council tax, no full time job (or if you’re like me you probably work full time but don’t really thing of it as an adult thing), no serious responsibilities and last year of living with your uni friends. Have some fun, leave the house, visit the city next to the one you live in, go to London for a gig, dye your hair a crazy colour. This may be the last time a spontaneous tattoo on your butt seems like a great idea.
  3. Don’t focus only on uni – think about the future while still having time to mess around. Apply for internships, start a blog, engage yourself with university events and clubs. Do stuff that now may seem just time consuming and pointless but will most certainly help you out in the future.
  4. Take risks and find new opportunities – because you still can, because you are still a student and even if something goes wrong you don’t have to worry as much. Do what you want to do and find your voice after handing in the last portfolio because – who knows maybe you’ve been studying fine arts but really creative writing is your calling? Go and explore!
  5. It’s not the finish line, it’s only a new beginning – so don’t stress!

University is the time when you can explore, find new things you’re passionate about, experiment and find your voice. Last year might seem like a huge end sign looming in the corner of your room but really it’s just a new start to new adventures. Only this time there’s going to be a tax to pay.