Thoughts of a sick student being

I hate being sick. Being sick makes me very very very unproductive and there is nothing I can actually do about it. But there is another thing – my brain seems to work a bit better with a high temperature and although I can’t do anything productive like research, writing down important stuff, organising my day or going to work (which is a huge pain in my little ill ass since I’m a workaholic) I tend to be pretty good at the creative side of stuff. Maybe it’s because of some chemical imbalance created by all of the phlegm stored in my body and it just causes some kind of hallucinations so in fact I’m not creative I’m just seeing things?

Anyways, yet one more time I have some amazing stuff that I want to share with the world but since it doesn’t fit into any of the categories I’ll just assume that it can be a part of the stories nobody asked for, I feel like I should have a lifestyle and beauty section as well. Ummmm – Let me work on this.

So, for this post, I decided to write down a few things I wish I knew before starting the journalism and creative writing course. Hopefully, it can help some of you out making one of the most important decisions in your life – what you’re going to spend over £27,000 on.

  1. You’re going to spend your entire life savings on books – and probably never open half of the ones you had to buy for the course but find yourself reading something that just happened to catch your interest on Amazon next to all the shit you had to buy. Well, I hope you won’t find yourself in a situation where you have to sell one of your kidneys to afford a guide on how to write a dissertation.
  2. You have no idea how many passionate young people you’re going t meet – and you’re going to disagree on the simplest matters with them 90% of the time. Also working in groups is just no-go for writers. To me it’s something like a mission impossible – I find my style of writing very different from whatever my course mates write. Maybe because I’m interested in a very niche genre (like visual contemporary poetry)….
  3. You may hate what you do by the third year – the fact that half of the time first drafts of work are pretty bad doesn’t help at all. Writer’s blocks and all that shit does not motivate as well so get ready for the love-hate relationship with writing
  4. Spending time on your own with your laptop is the new norm – yes I know, you may be used to that, but trust me, sometimes it does get a bit lonely and that’s not fun. Any time you get lonely – take your laptop and go to the library. You’re still going to be working alone on your stuff but at least you’re going to be surrounded by people.
  5. It’s okay not to like what you’ve written at first – I guess that most of the people don’t like their creations (if they do – congratulations on a huge ego, it would probably not fit in my room).