Tip your waitresses

I wanted to write this blog post for a very, very long time but somehow I always found myself stuck at the same point after which I was just repeating one thing several times. This is yet another try to make this idea work and I’ll probably just give up and publish whatever horrible creature I manage to create today.

I work at a local chain Italian restaurant which tends to be quite busy most of the times. I don’t mind it most of the times (if people don’t get seated in my section all at once), but sometimes it can get pretty annoying – especially when your immune system is simply nonexistent like mine and the moment it gets a bit colder you are dying because of a cold/flu/any other disease. Yes, I could get a day off but currently, I decided to suck it up and just do those few evening shifts praying to the higher power that I won’t die because of leaving the house.

In situations like mine being all happy and smiling at customers tends to be pretty hard as my entire energy goes towards trying not to sneeze next to a table… And yes, people working in restaurants should avoid going to work while sick but sometimes you just don’t have a fucking choice. Tough times everyone but that’s how 75% of student’s life looks like (unless you’ve got a super-duper maintenance loan and someone to give you even more money whenever you need it – guess what m8 I’m not one of those people I have to go and work to have someone handing me money). Being a server is not the greatest job one can have. To be honest, it is pretty shit – you have to deal with people who tend to be quite rude and think that since they went out to grab a pizza or two you should be more of a servant rather than a server. Well, boo-hoo no it doesn’t work this way, piss me off and I’ll ignore your table for at least 30 minutes. And finally, I can touch on the topic from the title. Please, please, please tip your servers. It is a hard work and Y’all a complete pain in the ass, we just want you to have a good time at the restaurant, eat some good food prepared especially for you and then leave. It takes a lot of effort to run around the place for more than 6 hours with a smile glued to your face and pretending that the fact that you almost tripped on a carrot someone’s child threw at you doesn’t even bother you. Well, it does and sometimes one mean comment can ruin your servers day entirely – so many times one of my colleagues almost broke down because of snarky comment one of the customers said (be a fucking nice person Karen it’s not that hard ey). Just a quick reminder why tips are important – most of the servers work for a minimum wage and it’s just simply not enough looking at the fact that after a shift we usually have our good mood ruined, our legs are hurting from running around and we also probably have a  half-digested pizza slice on our t-shirts (and it’s your child’s fault).  Tip your servers, tell them that they made your evening great, that you’re happy with the service provided and never ever tell them to smile more or ask if they’re tired or if they want to go home (answers to those questions are usually something like fuck yeah and hell yes).

Servers are also humans – it would be nice if people could keep that in mind.