New series, new plans, new beginnings

A few hours ago I was on the train listening to one of the songs that were playing on the Bobby Abley fashion show Saturday evening and while I was so ready to come back home from London and pass out on my bed something really rather interesting occurred to me. I am a very opinionated dyslexic with a huge love of fashion and politics and feminism and writing and books and so on so on so on.  But I always kept my blog rather as a something like a blank canvas, something easy to read, a diary-like thing with easy to digest within a few seconds information. And I realised on the train, completely soaked, freezing and sneezing – that my blog has never shown other people who I really am. So…

Who is actually standing behind every ever so boring word on this blog?

A twenty-one-year-old with her past in modelling buried but not yet dead, art-loving feminist, dyslexic writer, freelance journalist, fashion enthusiast who actually has a lot to say about sometimes minor things going on and sometimes major events taking place. Someone very opinionated who for the longest time ever didn’t want to speak up online (I know, my generation practically grew up online, yet for me, it was sort of weird to start something bigger than an easy-peasy-squeezy-digestive blog).

So the time has come for me to yet again introduce some changes in this blog – first of all I want to give other young people chance to speak up about stuff that is bothering them in the world of fashion, politics, art, culture in general. My generation is said to be the future of the world – as every young generation entering the stage of so-called adulthood but yet we are to have an enormous experience when it comes to finding a proper job after university/college/whatever. People older than us tend to expect a lot more than we can provide and they don’t really take into consideration the fact that we – young adults in their twenties – may not have five years of proper experience in publishing or seven years of experience in fashion photography but we were raised in a digital age so it is like a second nature to us. Also apart from being digital natives we also see the world from a different perspective, therefore, we want to change and shift the current image of different industries like art or fashion. That’s why I want to create a platform that is going to open up a wider conversation about the future of the cultural and political world under the control of millennials and generation Z.

Major new series that I want to introduce are:

  • Inspiring figures – talking to young professionals about their journey
  • Why it’s shit – honest reviews of books, tv series and movies
  • What’s up – reports from various cultural events
  • Young in fashion – talking to and about young fashion professionals
  • What’s trending – looking at the top tweets from the week and discussing them
  • AND THE MOST EXCITING ONE – YOUNG VOICES -since I want to change this blog into a platform for young adults I reckon it would be very helpful to introduce a variety of voices and points of view so I want YOU to be a part of it! Do you have an article you want to share with the world? Do you want to write a blog post which ties into one of the series I’m introducing? Or maybe you want me to feature your poem, short story, artwork or something else? Let me know – email me your idea or a completed piece of work and I’ll post it. It’s time for us to speak up and open a wider conversation as we are the future.