A shade of casual

Sometimes the weather does us all dirty. You look outside and it seems to be sunny and warm and really nice but in fact, it couldn’t be more misleading than that because the moment you go out you wish you were back inside. The sun is still up there somewhere but it is freezing. Worry no more my lovelies – I’ve got you. You don’t have to worry about it anymore fam.

Shoes – Converse ;Black skinnny Jeans – Sinsay ; White t-shirt – RedBubble

Let me get started with today’s look for the weather that is a shady bitch who doesn’t want you to show off your legs and tattoos to the world outside your bedroom but pretends that it does. If it’s not too cold sneakers are the best option to go with but then you’ll surely need something else to keep you warm. I decided to go for skinny jeans and simple white top with a fish with a gun – that is a tiny threat to the weather (if it’s not warm today Imma start shooting). For the accessories, I went super edgy but not extra edgy. A simple choker from a cute boho shop in Poland that costed me less than the cheapest bananas in Lidl, my favourite gold bracelet I got ages ago from my grandmother (it’s really simple but super cute), a watch to check up on time while you think about the weather being a mean motherfucker and obviously a pair of sunglasses because

Watch – bought somewhere on a street market in Thailand ; Choker – boho shop in Poland ; Sunglasses – Primark

it’s still sunny even though you feel as if you were freezing. Also because it’s THE GAY MONTH or as other people call it Pride Month I chose the sunglasses in the vibe of bisexual colours. Yay pride!

So that I don’t freeze when going outside, or chilling at a mall, I had to wear a jacket and once again I went with one of my personal favourites – simple black jacket with a few badges on (you can check out the badges I’ve got on Etsy of this beautiful and super talented girl).

And also remember to remind everyone around how unhappy you are about the weather situation outside – it can be by complaining once in a while or by just pulling a displeased face while sitting on a huge chair made out of beer bottles because of Fifa blabablah. Anyways, my tattoos had to stay hidden for the day and only my family could see the great cat flipping people off which made

Bag – Dr Martens

the annual family meeting a bit weird since that was the first time they saw my new tattoo and immediately noticed cat’s bad manners.

Keep on doing whatever you do or were doing before ending up here on my blog, feel free to scroll down and go round and about on my blog. Have a lovely day my lovelies.