Dress to impress – or at least to work in something

Some jobs give you uniforms (for which later on when you leave the mentioned job you have to pay anyway jikes) but most of the jobs don’t. If you’re lucky enough the dress code isn’t that strict at your work – lucky you (what a bastard). So if you can wear whatever you want to when going to work (aka spend around eight hours at a place where you usually don’t wanna be if you’re a student but you need some dolladolla bills) then this post is not for you – keep scrolling or rad some pretentious poetry of mine, thanks, bye.

Now I can welcome the second group of people. Hi. I’m one of you unlucky humans. My new job (yeah again in a restaurant)  does not include any kind of a uniform provided by the company I work for. I simply just have to dress to impress old ladies at a funeral of their favorite nephew who died off alcohol poisoning. Basically, I just have to wear black smart trousers and a black shirt. Nothing more and god forbid anything less. The second one is understandable. I like black, ah, I fucking adore black because it makes me look thinner but surprisingly it was quite a hassle to find a nice black shirt which does not cost me millions of dolladolla bills that I do not have and neither would I want to spend on a set of black shirts even if I had a lot of dolladolla bills.

So my poor-ass had to make a list of cheap but looking good, not too expensive but comfy and not costing a million of that sweet dolladollabills but still kinda cute shirts so that I could dress to impress people who want to get their curry in their mouths asap and don’t really care enough about the fact that I’m not going to heaven because of my tattoos (words of one of my colleagues, not a statement of mine soz bois).  My little-tired brain thought that this list may come in handy for other poor students who are stuck in some kind of a situation when they have to wear black shirts. I did not make a list when it comes to black smart trousers, sorry not sorry, because I just wear black jeans. Voila, I know it’s cheating but at the same time,

I do not care as I don’t really fancy looking like I borrowed my granddads pants to work. Sorry mates, not gonna see that ever ever ever (or maybe once if you pay me a lot of dolladolla bills).

Enjoy the cheapness of those tasteful garments, kisses, xoxo, and so on onononon.

Traditional, comfy, still a black shirt and if someone tells you anything else just show them the bill – it is from an actual work clothes site so they can suck ittttt. Get it here
Noisy May Long Sleeve Denim Shirt
Something for all of the denim lovers – cute but elegant but denim but yo it’s still still black. Get it here
Black Lipsy Covered Button Tie Sleeve Shirt
This one can be found here here here and dude just look at those cute sleeves!
Click here for  that Dorothy Perkins petite black shirt it’s less than 10 quid and man – it is worth the price so get it now m8