What I hate about working in a coffee shop

Just to start off, I love my job. There is absolutely nothing better for a coffee freak than working in a coffee shop. Although it takes some time to get used to a new working environment it is a pleasant place to work at. But then it also has a tone of disadvantages. Most of which are… customers. Yes – hello all of you coming to a coffee shop.This is rather something that you should probably read. The time has come to moan about things that I hate about my job.

What I hate about working in a coffee shop?

1. Way too impatient people. 
Hello dear, you alright? Great because you are having your lunch break and I’m here to make your waffle, take away toastie and skinny weak latte with creamy milk, but I’m here also to take other people orders and prepare everything. So please don’t shout when I’m doing my best. Behind the counter, there’s just me and my boss making coffee, in addition, if you order a fresh waffle don’t think that I can somehow make it in five minutes. Sit the fuck down and wait, because if you start to shout at me it won’t help you at all. Be sure that your order will be completed as fast as possible, but I’m not a wizard so don’t think I can magically make a toastie in 4 seconds. You won’t die if you wait a little bit.

2. “It’s not a coffee I ordered”
Coffee menuWell, it is. I’m sorry to say, but you probably have never seen a difference between flat white and americano with milk, so please just next time… ask. Don’t bitch about it later. I work there for a reason and I know that not everyone has to know everything about types of coffees.

3. “Could I get a big americano with hot, creamy, skimmed milk and shot of vanilla syrup?” 
You’ve just basically asked me for a flat white or even flavored cappuccino, but in such a way that you will pay less than you should, getting exactly what the guy before you got. And if my boss is not around I will probably make for you that fucking cappu, but if he was there he would make you pay more because that’s just how it is and don’t try to be a sneaky bastard.

4. Mess that customers leave
I’ve been trying to figure out what is that hard about picking a piece of paper that you’ve dropped seconds ago and I still didn’t get to any conclusions. This is one of the biggest mysteries of all the times.

5. Kids, or maybe just their parents. 
You are at a coffee shop and not on a playground. Please take care of your kid, because first of all it’s really annoying and second of all – it’s pretty dangerous for a kid to run around when I’m serving a hot coffee and other beverages. I mean… I can make another coffee, it will take me 4 minutes. But for you to have another baby? It can take up from 9 months. (Oh that was dark…)

6. Inside vapers 
If you want to vape, please leave. It’s also a cigarette and although sometimes smoke does smell pretty nice, I just don’t want to look at you sitting in a corner sipping your espresso, creating that huge cloud of smoke over there. Do you want to know why? Because it’s me who gets complaints from other clients, not you!

7. People asking for extras. 
This is a coffee shop, not a lottery or charity. As much as I would love to put a third free strawberry on your waffle, I can’t. But you know what works better? Just be nice and smile, then you can be sure that you’ll get the most delicious waffle, toastie, and coffee in the whole world.

Customer Paying In Coffee Shop Using Touchscreen8. The toilet paper thieves. 
You can be sure that I know about this coffee shop everything. From the names of our clients that come there every single day, through the number of sugar bags on each table straight to the amount of toilet paper rolls. And it’s just impossible, that “There’s no paper in the loo”. I’ve been there a few minutes ago and there were four toilet rolls. What has happened in the space of four minutes? Please tell me, because it seems fucking odd.

Summing up – as a waitress, kitchen porter, and almost a cook – I can tell you the most important thing in the whole world: every time coming to a coffee shop/restaurant/food truck etc. just be nice. Smile, ask if the person behind the counter is alright, give a small tip, don’t leave a huge mess after yourself. Those are just small things, but a single smile from a customer can really brighten our shitty day. Don’t shout at us, remember that although you are paying, we are the one’s in charge when it comes to your food/drink/product. We can do awful, awful things to it. So please, be nice to people, not only in restaurants.