Quitting the job that you hate

I’m my own, personal hero. At least I think about myself this way because I finally found the courage to quit the job that I hated. Maybe it’s fair to say that I didn’t actually hate the job as the place and customers – I loved being a barista, but my boss… The guy was driving me mad.

The thing is that sometimes you should sacrifice something that you love to maintain the right state of mind and just put your mental well-being first. Finding a job when you’re a student might be hard 3- man, let me tell you that it even may be described as a fucking hell. That’s why it’s sometimes hard to quit, even if you passionately hate the job, the boss, and the customers. In my case, it wasn’t that bad. To be honest just as I said – being a barista was great, I enjoyed serving coffees to customers who used to come in every day when I was at work. In my opinion, I can easily say that I made lots of friends among customers which is great.

But then we’ve got my boss. The guy seemed to alright at the first glance, but trust me, he’s not. The first thing to start with – I find it inappropriate when the forty-something guy asks his employee “who’s naughty” or calls the employee “mean monkey”. Sorry, but I’m not into that kind of jokes or whatever the fuck it was. Also, I don’t like when someone leaves me on my own to make coffees, smoothies, milkshakes, toasties, waffles and so on on the Friday evening when every single table is taken and it’s just impossible for me to take care of every single order on my own. And if I refuse to make something or keep a customer waiting for too long in my boss’s opinion he’d go crazy on me. If you want me to work better I need help when 20 out of 20 tables are taken and people are waiting for their food and drinks.

The next thing that simply drove me insane was every time my boss decided to threaten me that if I don’t take an extra shift he’d fire me. Fuck off. Now you have no one to fire so yay you. The other day he decided to ruin my good mood from the beginning till the very end of my shift. Working there for seven months was enough, I had a new job so the moment he started screaming at me I decided to quit and never come back. I don’t care about the leaving period or whatsoever.

If the employee doesn’t feel good at work the quality of the provided service by the employee won’t be as good as it can be. If a job causes stress and it doesn’t provide the good working environment – quit. Put yourself first and you’ll find something that will make you happy.

Wow I’m so positive after leaving the Cafe.